Late June Clarity, Vintage Bazaar

The Ocean, especially at Long Beach has been pretty quiet. However, the position of the sand bar and the off shore winds have produced very clean and beautiful small waves and at high tide small clean shore break. Also, although cold (Mid 50degrees), the water has been exceptionally clear. So clear it reminds you of the Caribbean or Hawaii. I have been shooting 3 days this week and got some really nice shots from these conditions. 

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to have a spot at the Vintage Bazaar in Eliot, ME. Although the vibe was probably a little different than what i had brought to sell, it was a fantastic experience. I need to give a special Thank You to my wife Megan who worked it by herself on Saturday and was there all day with me on Sunday. We met some wonderful people and got a lot of amazing feedback. A happy 4th of July to everyone, and stay safe.

June 6th and 7th

Last week we had the typical storm swell. Tuesday brought the clouds, rain, and beautiful, barreling waves. A spot I will call "Signs" was not large enough, and breaking too close to shore for my buddy to surf. For me it was great conditions, Waves barreling over me just off shore. The only downside was that with the rain comes an uphill battle keeping my lens clear of water drops.  Also the cloudy conditions, along with the churned up ocean does not produce ideal colors. Many times I call these day Black and White days. Wednesday, was also fantastic and with it came the sun. The barrels were a little less consistent and clean but there were some that just popped. I shot at a place I call "Rock-piles" was really great on this day at high tide. pretty straight Shorebreak waves with some larger sets rolling in occasionally. Although the rain and storms of the spring have been brutal, it was nice to get such a nice swell in June. Some shots of these waves have been posted on social media, and will be up on the website soon.

Front Beach Mini Waves

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to get in the water at Front Beach in Rockport. Typically there is no surf here at all, unless it is just chop. However today there were sets of really clean, beautiful mini waves rolling through. These are normally tougher to get in to with my normal trigger system, however i have another trigger that is on a longer pole. This allows me to lay down in the small surf and get the camera up inside of the small barrels. Knekt USA makes this and all of the fantastic trigger systems I use for my camera. In addition to really colorful, clean, glassy waves I was able to capture the Shalin Liu Music hall in the end of a barrel. Id been waiting a while for the conditions to be right for this type of shot and still always need some luck. Please check the portfolio section as well as Facebook and Instagram as i will be adding images from Front Beach soon. Thanks!

New Website

Thank you for visiting the brand new Brock Currier Photography Website. It is certainly a work in progress. I wanted to get up and running in order to showcase my work in a different setting apart from the realm of Social Media. You will find my work under the Portfolio page, and this will be constantly updated with new images. All of the images are available in prints, size may vary due to cropping. I typically print on ready to hang aluminum which really makes the images come to life, however I am willing to print on any medium you would prefer. Also, available soon, will be a store in which purchasing directly through the website is possible. The store will also feature a lifestyle brand of clothing and accessories that are inspired and feature the ocean and wave photography. Lastly, I want to express how insanely cool this is for me. Having a website dedicated to my work that started as just a hobby is still kind of surreal. It will allow me to bring my passion to you in a more ideal setting, and reach a whole different audience. From the bottom  of my heart I sincerely thank you for the support and spreading the good vibes.